Electrical Surgical Pendant

T.IB Electrical Surgical Pendant


T.IB Electrical Surgical Pendant is a new and practical equipment used in modern clean operation rooms and general operation rooms.


Technical Specification:

- Electric moving up and down

- Horizontal rotation

- Pneumatic brake & damper device


- Four power outlets; one network outlet

- High carrying capacity



-The control cabinet of the tower crane adopt the imported high-strength aluminum alloy of patent technology for the one-off extrusion molding, and the surface undergoes the primary oxidation treatment.

-Aluminum molding tray with non-slip texture.

-Mechanical friction damping brake.

-The imported electrical machine is adopted, and the rising and rotation function of the electric horizontal cantilever can accurately position without excursion.

-The gas pipeline, power supply and computer communication line are separately arranged without interference.

-The imported German standard gas terminal (over 20,000 of inserting and pulling out) is adopted.


Basic configuration:

one discharge device (German style) for compressed air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, suction gas and anesthetic gas respectively, four power outlets, one network outlets. (Optional gases)

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