ICU Surgical Pendant

T.IIA/IIC ICU Surgical Pendant


T.IIA/IIC compound ICU type surgical tower crane is provided to combine the T.IIA light-weight two-arm surgical tower crane and the T.IIC heavy-weight single-arm surgical tower crane. This pendant is a perfect equipment for modern clean operation rooms, general operation rooms and ICU sickrooms. All kinds of terminals such as for medical gas, electricity, and network are gathered on the control board.


Technical Specification:

- Combination of T.IIA and T.IIC

- Horizontal rotation

- Pneumatic brake & damper device

- One AIR\O2\VAC for each

- Four power outlets for each; one network outlet for each

- Separate dry and wet sections

-The cross arm and control cabinet of the tower crane adopt the imported high-strength aluminum alloy of patent technology for the one-off extrusion molding, and the surface undergoes the primary oxidation treatment.
-Pneumatic brake plus mechanical friction damping brake.
-The gas pipeline, power supply and computer communication line are separately arranged without interference.
-The imported (GENTEC) brand German standard gas terminal (over 20,000 of inserting and pulling out) is adopted.

-Dry and wet areas adopt the independent design, and equip with the gas cabinet body.
-The horizontal rotation function can accurately position without excursion.

Basic configuration:
one discharge device (German style) for oxygen, suction gas and compressed air, four power outlets, one network outlets. (Optional gases)

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