Continuous/Intermittent Suction Unit

VST50D Continuous/Intermittent Suction Unit applies to vacuum-assisted closure and sustains continuous vacuum for drainage or clean-up the surface wound and ulcer wound with the special dress. It is also suitable for continuous drainage post operation.



1. Two operation mode: Continuous and Intermittent, working time of Intermittent mode can be set;

2. Adopt oil-less pump, high vacuum, low noise;

3. Vacuum regulator can be locked and controlled as needed.



1. Max. Vacuum: 50KPa±10% (375mmHg)

2.Vacuum range: 6KPa(45mmHg)~Max. Vacuum

3. Flow rate: ≥8 L/min

4. Noise: ≤55dB(A)

5.Working mode:Continuous and Intermittent

6.Intermittent working time: 5 min ON/2 min OFF (default) or set from 1~15min

7.Power supply: ~110V~240V,50/60Hz;DC 12V

8. Battery type and working time: Lithium battery; 120min

9. Input power: 40VA

10. Storage bottle: 800ml (PC)

11. G.W./N.W.:4.5kg/3.5kg

12. Dimension: 39cm×19cm×34cm

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