AML720 LED Series

Shadowless Operating Lamp

AML720 LED Series Shadowless Operating Lamp


● AML720 LED series shadowless Operating lamp can widely be used in diversified operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination instrument of the modem operating theater.

● The Whole reflection optical system is made by CAD/CAM technology, its illumine depth is up to 1300mm; By using color temperature compensation technology, the color reversion is upraised, and it is more suitable for the illumination of the complex surgery such as encephalon surgery and thorax surgery.
● Microcomputer digital control, with 8 shifts luminance for selection and it offers illuminance memory function and wide voltage working specialty, cam work stably under AC 150V~250V, with strong anti-jamming capacity.
● Full close streamline lamp body design completely meets the demand of the sterilization and high standard of laminar flow purification in the operation room.
● The panel is made of German PC (anti-bullet plastic) by injection molding, makes the light softer and more reliable.
● Focusing system has a delicate structure, and easy to change bulb and the ceramic seat; Detachable handle cover can take high temperature (≤134°) sterilization treatment.
● All the key parts use the world famous products, ensure stable and reliable operation; Flame retardant level material can endure high temperature and safe, meets IEC norm.
● Equipped with imported balance arm suspension system, which is light and handy, six group joints move together and moves smoothly, positions stalely. 360 universal design can satisfy various needed height and angle in the operation.
● Top-built (bottom board) power supply system avoid troubles in installation of hang-on-wall control box.

● LED light source life of up to 30,000 hours or more, with an average life of an ordinary light shadowless lamp halogen 30 times, and each LED can be individually replaced, to ensure maximum use of economy.

Optimized laminar flow purification, sterilization, mirror face design and back-up bulb replacement

● Full closed streamline lamp head which is designed according to aerodynamics is helpful to laminar flow purification and application of sterilization in the operating room, this can reduce the risk of operation infection.

● The pervious glass at the bottom of lamp head is made of anti-shock and ant disinfectant material. This pervious glass is durable and easy cleaning, and won’t be effected by radiation, clearance and longtime use.

● The sterilization handle can move up and down, revolve the lamp head and adjust the focus. It can be detached after operation and steeped in the liquid or by high temperature high pressure sterilization

● The operating lamp adopts automatic monitor and back-up bulb automatic replacement system which can supply the illuminance during the whole operation, it won’t affect the operation. When change the bulb, you just need to unscrew the three screws of the handle body and detach it, it is easy to replace the bulb. The handle body is equipped with convenient and sterilizing handle.

● Multi-lens reflecting system is designed by computer professional technology, there are more than 3800 pieces multi-lens reflecting system which makes the light beam focus as a high illuminance symmetrical light cylinder.


Natural operation color temperature

The CRI for natural light is 100. The CRI of AML720 LED series integral reflecting shadowless operating lamp is 93, which is very near natural light. It can help the surgeon to distinguish the color of operating region (including blood vessel and nerve tract), it can help to distinguish the tissues of body clearly.


Advanced digital integrated circuit control panel

● It has functions of swith, intensity adjustment and back-up bulb test; Also has functions of 8-shift intensity selection and intensity memory. LED intensity indicative bar can show the needed intensity in the operation intuitively.
● It has characteristic of wide power working, which can work stably between AC180V-250V with high anti-interference ability.


Technical Data


AML720/720 LED




≥140.000 Lux

Color temperature (k)



Color reduction index (Ra)



Illuminance depth (mm)



Total irradiance (W/m2)

426W/m2/; 426W/m2


Size of light field (mm)



Lamp head rated power of bulb



Rated power of bulb



Service life of illuminant



Power supply voltage



Lowest height of installation



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