Multifunctional Operating Table

3008C Multifunctional Operating Table

(Manual & Head Control)


Technical Specifications:

-Length: 2050±50mm

-Width: 480±20mm

-Height: (750-950) ±50mm

-Trendelenburg: 20°; Rev-Trend: 20°

-Leftward: ≥20°; Rightward: ≥20°

-Head board fold upward:≥30°; fold downward:≥90°

-Backboard fold upward: ≥75°; fold downward: ≥5°

-Leg board fold downward:≥90°

-Waist board elevation: 100mm

-Leg of the board spilt: 180°



1. Imported Y type sealing ring

2. Base is stainless steel

3. Leg board is separated & dischargeable

4. Double-decked can do X-ray

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