Operating Microscope

AOM-130 Operating Microscope


AOM Series Operating Microscopes using fiber-optic cable for coaxial illumination, have different working distance and magnification. They are featured for flexible handling and easy Operating. These Operating microscopes can be used for micro-Operating in ear-nose-throat, ophthalmology, gynecology and surgery.


Observation angle: 45°tilted

Magnification of observation: 6X

Interpapillary distance: 50mm-80mm

Diopter: ±5D

Focal length of objective: F=200mm and F=300mm two objectives

Magnification changer: 3-step: 0.6X, 1X, 1.6X

Total Magnification: 3X-12X

Linear field: 60.8-15.8mm

Fine focusing distance: 10mm

Fiber-optic cable: 1700mm

Illumination: Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, brightness adjustable

Lamp: 21V150W halogen lamp

Filter: Build-in green and yellow filter

With beam splitter and TV adapter, C-mount 1/3 inch CCD camera attachable

With 2-part arm, counterweight adjustable and can be locked

With floor stand.

Power supply: AC220V50HZ/AC110V60HZ

Optional accessories: Demonstrator, Camera (MDCCC200, MTV-73X10, MTV-73X10H, DC-200, VGA200), Photo adapter, Monitor H1766, Objective F=250mm & F=400mm

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