Fetal Monitor

AFM-300P2 Fetal Monitor


-Light weight, space-saving, easy operation

-7-inch TFT color LCD Folding up to 90 degree

-Interface of parameters of FHR, TOCO, FM, with digital and curve display

-Build-in line thermal recorder

-Advanced DSP technology, accurate and reliable.

-Multi-crystals, wide beam form, high sensitivity ultrasound transducer, 1MHz pulsed wave, low -ultrasound power, safer to the fetal.

-A standard patient event marker and a clinical event marking button to separately mark clinical events.

-3 in 1 transducers, no cable intertwisting.

-12 hours data storage which can be played and printed

-Audible and visual alarm signal

-Twin monitoring is an option.

-Maternal parameters monitoring functions are an option.

-Power: AC.100-240V, 50/60Hz or 8.4 V Li-LON

-Power Consumption: < 20W

-Dimension: 295W*240D*73H(mm)

-Net weight: 1.75kg


Fetal Heart Rate:

-Transducer: Multi-crystals pulsed Doppler, high sensitively Strength: <5mW/cm2

-Working frequency: 1.0MHz

-Measurement range: 50~210 bpm

-Alarm Range:

High limit:  160,170,180,190 bpm

Low limit: 90,100,110,120 bpm

-Maximum audio output power: 1.5 Watt



-Measurement range:  0~100 units


Fetal Movement:

-Button Hand Count (Automatic cumulative number of movements)



-Maternal SpO2 measure:

Measure scope : 70%~99%。

Measure accuracy: ±3%

-Pregnant HR Measure:

Measure scope: 30bpm~240bpm

Measure accuracy: ±2 bpm

-NIBP measure:

a) NIBP-SYS (6.7~32.0Kpa) (50~240mmHg)

b) NIBP-DIA (3.4~26.6Kpa) (25~200mmHg)

c) NIBP-MEAN (2.0~24.0ka (15~180mmHg)

NIBP Accuracy: ±1.1kPa(±8mmHg)or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.

Maximum Mean error: ±5mmHg Maximum Standard deviation 8mmHg

Pulse Rate Accuracy: Maximum Mean error: ±2bpm 

Measure accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.

Measure mode: Manual 

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