Fetal Monitor

AFM-600P1 Fetal Monitor


-12.1-inch TFT color screen Folding up to 90 degree

-The monitor of light weight and space-saving.

-It can meet the need of whole stages of labor (including antepartum and intrapartum monitoring for fetus and mother)

-It also can be connected to the obstetrical central station



-Twins monitor interface, Twins FHR measurement Fas (fetal acoustic stimulator)

-Maternal ECG, Spo2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, Pulse Rate measurement.



-Lightweight, space-saving, easy operations

-Interface of parameters of FHR, TOCO and Fetal Movement with display

-Battery indication

-Alarm system

-12.1-inch TFT color screen Folding up to 90 degree

-Build-in 152mm long life thermal printer

-DSP technology, real time identify and measurement for FHR, accurate and reliable results

-Special high sensitive transducer

-12 hours data storage which can be playback and printed

-Special patient event and clinical event marking button

-Low ultrasound power, safe to fetus

-Wide range of applying voltage (100-240V)

-Auto FM testing



-Ultrasound Probe: Multi-crystal, high sensitive     

-Ultrasound frequency: 1MHz±5%

-Ultrasound intensity: <5mW/cm2

-FHR range: 50-210bpm

-Alarm Limit:

-Upper Limit: 160,170,180,190bmp

-Lower limit: 90,100,120 bmp



-TOCO range: 0-100 (relative unit)

-Resolution: 1

-Non-linear error: <=±5%


Fetal Movement:

-Button Hand Count (Automatic cumulative number of movements)

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