AI-3 Top Grade

Infant Incubator

AI-3 Top Grade Infant Incubator



-Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system

-Control modes: Air mode and baby skin mode

-Humidity control system, oxygen concentration display system

-Set temperature, air temperature, baby skin temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, timer and heating power are displayed separately by LED

-Self-testing function, various failure alarms by audible and visual

->37℃ temperature set function

-Embedded integrated sensor module

-Triple protection for over temperature with separate cut off device, more safety system

-The inclination of infant bed is adjustable

-Double wall hood, 4 operating windows and 2 iris ports

-Independent locking device for front door

-RS232 connector, Oxygen inlet

-Oxygen concentration control system


Optional Functions:

-X ray cassette Tray;

-Baby weight system

-Electric height adjustable

-LED phototherapy unit AL-3D, AL-10D

-Air and oxygen blender


Upgrade Functions:

-Aluminum Magnesium Alloy

-Tray for other monitor

-Controller remove easily

-RS232 connector

-Oxygen inlet

-Side protector rail for infant hood

-Humidity control system

-Oxygen concentration display system

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