Infant Phototherapy Unit

AL-5 LED Infant Phototherapy Unit


Function Feature:

-LED lamp as phototherapy radiating elements

-Irradiance intensity is adjustable in 3 grades: low, middle, high

-LCD screen display therapy time and integral time separately

-Count up timer and count down timer for exact and convenient treatment

-Equal light distribution, high intensity

-Quiet, no noise of fan

-The angle of head and height are adjustable

-Four castors with brake, magal and steel support base

-Long life span LED bulbs

-Using together with infant incubator, infant warmer, baby cradle


Technical Specifications:

-Power supply/; AC110V~240V, 60/50Hz

-Power input: 40VA

-Radiant Wavelength: 420~490nm

-Height adjustable range: 850~1640mm

-Pitching angle of phototherapy head: 0~180°

-Radiant head size: 380*220mm

-Life span of LED bulbs: at least 20000 hours

-Blue LED bulbs: 17pcs

-Time accuracy: 1min/12h

-Integral time range: 0~9999.9h

-Count down timer: 0~8h 30min

-Total irradiance for bilirubin (effective surface area 500*360mm at 360mm):

  High: 2800μW/cm2

  Middle: 2000μW/cm2

 Low: 800μW/cm2

-Operating condition:

  Temperature: 18~30°C

  Relative humidity: 10~85%RH

  Atmospheric pressure: 700~1060hpa

-Transport and storage condition:

  Ambient temperature: -10 ~ +55°C

  Relative humidity: ≤95%

  Atmospheric pressure: 500~1060hpa

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