AL-500 LED

Double Infant Phototherapy Unit

AL-500 LED Double Infant Phototherapy Unit



-Small in size, light and high irradiation

-LED blue light as the radiant source is irradiating uniformly and efficient

-Circle 360 double sides for more effective radiation

-Two phototherapy mode: upside phototherapy and downside phototherapy, can be use separately

-The electronic ballast makes the power supply adaptable and the power factor high

-Therapy time of phototherapy units from up and down side are displayed separately

-Automatically record each therapy time and total used therapy time

-Air temperature and skin temperature separately displayed

-Power off memory, silence key for alarm, key-locking and self-examination function

-Four alarm functions for safety: Power Failure, Probe Failure, Over Temperature, Fan Failure

-Function of setting up the count-down working time

-It is convenient to know the therapy of the infant through observation ports on both sides

-Adopt air spring structure and the hood is easy to open and close

-The aluminum-magnesium alloy is applied on the base, with two drawers and tray

Technical Data:

-Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±2%

-Power input: ≤400VA

-Blue light wavelength: 420mm ~ 490mm

-Circle 360 light radiation: 3700μW/cm2

-Downside light radiation: 2400μW/cm2

-Life span of blue light tube: >20000hours

-Air Temperature display range: 0 ~ 45°C

-Skin Temperature display range: 0 ~45°C

-Time accuracy: 1min/2h

-Count-up time range: 0 ~ 99.9 hours

-Count-down time range: 1min ~ 99.9 hours

-Total cumulative time: 999999 hours

-Mattress size: 613*300mm

Working Environment:

-Ambient temperature: +18°C ~ +30°C

-Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%

-Atmosphere pressure: 700hpa ~ 1060hpa

Transport and Storage Environment:

-Environment temperature: -40°C ~ +55°C

-Environment relative humidity: ≤95%

-Atmosphere pressure: 500hpa ~ 1060hpa

Standard Configuration:

-Main body (including the radiant source, control system, infant bed, bracket), IV pole, skin temperature sensor, air temp sensor, tray, mattress, transparent protector, castors, two drawers.


-Each unit is packed in one case; case size: 120*70*96cm; gross weight: <80KG

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