Flat Panel Digital Radiography

AR-7600B Flat Panel Digital Radiography System

Main Technical Parameters:



Technical Parameters








Internal Resistance


Digital control X-ray High Voltage System




Inverter Frequency

60 KHz

Tube voltage

40kV—150kV ,continuous adjustment

Tube current

10mA—640mA , grade adjustment


0.1mAs—10000mAs, grade adjustment

Radiography time adjustment


Digital control X ray tube


Tube Focus:big/small

1.2mm /0.6mm

Input power

Big focus 50kW Small focus 20kW

Anode thermal capacity


Rotary anode speed


X ray tube assembly movement

Rotation degree -90~+90

vertical lifting range: SID from 500~1280mm


Toshiba Digital Flat Penal Detector



(fixed flat panel)


(portable flat panel)

Active area



Pixel matrix



Pixel pitch:

143 μm

143 μm

Cycle time:

Less than 6 s


Limiting resolution

3.5 lp/mm typ

Min. 3.7 line pair/mm

A / D transition:

14 bit

16 bit

Energy range

40 - 150 kVp

40 - 150 kVp

Maximum entrance dose (low gain)

4 mR / frame

4 mR / frame

Data output

16-bit digital output Ethernet (1000BASE – T)

16-bit digital output Ethernet (1000BASE – T)

Exposure Synchronous control               



power Input:

DC 24V 2A

DC 24V 2A


Chest Stand

Transverse movement

No less than1300mm

Box height from ground



Grid density: 103L/INCH, Electric vibrator

Centre frequency:180cm,15’*18’


Bed option



Digital display SID, tube angle, light touch switch, SCM control, electromagnetic brake



Distance from FPD to bed



South Korea microgroove,

Focusing distance: 130cm,

Grid density: 103L/INCH, Electric vibrator

Centre frequency:180cm,15’*18’


Four directions floating, brake without electric


Main Features:

AR-7600 Digital high frequency medical surgical X-Ray equipment can meet different parts radiography, such as head, chest, abdomen, waist, lumber, thoracic, pelvis, limbs etc. And meet different positions radiography, such as lay decubitus, normotopia, side position etc. 


1. Original imported high frequency host and high speed tube

◆ TOSHIBA highest inverter frequency and SEDECAL high voltage generator

Constant direct current high voltage output, it can achieve high quality monochromatic X-Ray and eliminate the harmful effect of soft ray to image thoroughly.

◆ Equipped with high performance and large capacity X-Ray tube

Adopt 0.6/1.2mm2 dual focus, 300KHU large capacity and high speed X-Ray tube, it is suitable for long time and high intensity clinical examination.

◆ Intelligent high voltage control system with multiple human APR, LCD display show APR rules, and set according patients figure, position and part automatically, it’s fast and convenient.

◆ Computer progress control, remote operate, electric multi-lead collimator, adjust X-ray range as diagnosis need, this reduce X-ray harm for patients and atmosphere

◆ Have IBS, there are four choices to set KV and mA diagram. AEC offer accurate exposure for different figures and promise lowers radiation for high definition photos.

◆ Multi self-diagnosis program, has RS232 port, and with error indication function. 


2. High definition digital image chain to ensure that minor lesions can not be passed.

◆Imported DR flat panel detector, it does not need any conversion but it can finish digital photography of each position to achieve real direct digital.

◆DR flat panel detector DR connected with image processor achieves low noise and rich contrast image, edge enhancement filtering device makes the edge of image more clear and sharp.

◆ 3k×3k gathering matrix, more than 900 mega pixel, promise high photo space definition, and good signal-no-noise ratio.

◆ 14*17” portable, and 17”*17” fixed flat panel detector can cover whole abdomen and whole chest, no limitation for photography.

◆ Fast image speed, work together with DROC soft, and promote work efficiency.

◆ A-si stable function, low requirement for temperature, and no crystal under high temperature.


3. Equipped with new digital image system achieves rich digital image processing function

◆ Advanced digital image processing function

Pre-assembled Windows XP professional operating system and professional image processing software

◆ Image playback: Thumbnails view, sequence replay tools.

◆ Image processing: W/L adjustment, arrows and words etc labels, angle and distance measurement, image scaling, translation, up/down conversion, left/right conversion, rotation, black and white reversal.

◆ Image storage: image real-time storage, DICOM image send, A shampoo Burning Studio, derived storage (choose various storage ways Bitmap, JPEG, AVI etc to be used in Word and Power-point office software, it is convenient for the doctors to write diagnostic reports and papers ).

◆DICOM3.0: Can be connected with laser camera to print film and PACS NETWORK

◆ Medical record management: Database management, graphic report, and support for WORKLIST.


4. Comfortable, convenient and exquisite table

◆ Larger SID range can meet whole body such as head, chest, abdomen, waist, limbs and different positions radiography, such as lay decubitus, normotopia, side position etc.

◆ Two bed options, SYC30 can give extra-long range, this promise wheelchair and stretcher radiography. And more up and down range, this way is more convenient for small figure. 

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