Mobile X-ray Equipment

ARI-102 Mobile X-ray Equipment   


The unit, which is anti-electroshock, radiation-proof with fixed anode and full wave commutation, is a knock-down mobile x-ray Equipment. It can be applied with either wireless control or panel control after being easily and conveniently placed into sickroom, operating room or other places, which is not only convenient for the patients, but also beneficial to medical personnel for not being subjected to unnecessary radiation. The unit is a product provided by our company with high quality and low price.

    Characteristics: The unit, with features of easy control, reliable function and beautiful figuration, completely meets the requirements for x-raying the skull, chest and extremities.


Power Output


X-Ray Tube

Fixed anode

Commute Method

Full wave commutation

Tube Voltage


Tube Current

50~90KV 15mA

50~90KV 30mA

40~80KV 50mA

Exposure Time

50~90KV 15mA 0.1~6.3s

50~90KV 30mA 0.1~6.3s

40~80KV 50mA 0.1~1.5s

Power Supply

110V±10% 60Hz inner-resistance≤1.4KW or 220V±10% 50Hz inner-resistance≤1. 4KW

Operation Method

Wire /Wireless control

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