Portable Anesthesia Machine

AR-902P Portable Anesthesia Machine

This is the first manual, light-weight, compact, portable Anesthesia Machine specifically designed for surgical locations where space or access is limited, such as:

• Office Based Anesthesia (OBA)
• MRI scan rooms
• Dental anesthesia
• Missionary off-shore anesthesia
• Remote locations in hospitals outside O.R
• Disaster scenes and mass casualty incidents
• Front-line military hospitals
• Shipboard, aircraft
any location where size, mobility and portability are important.

Technical Parameter:

1. Working mode: Manual

2. Patient scope: from Pediatric to Adult (3kgs over)

3. Tidal volume: 20-1500ml

4 .Working pressure: O2:0.3—0.4Mpa, N2O:0.3—0.4Mpa

5. Flowmeters: 2 tube 2 gas flowmeter; O2 range: 0.1-10L/min, N2O range: 0.1-10L/min.

6. O2 and N2O linkage device (ORC system), FiO2 ≥25%

7. APL valve adjustment range: 0.5-6.0Kpa

8. O2 Flush: 30-60L/min



Main Unit:

Vaporizer; universal standard CE marked with 2 models optional. Agent type include: Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane and Sevoflurane.

Standard Accessories of breathing tubes for connecting and Mask etc.

In-built Co2 absorber Canister with capacity of 2kg.


1. Trolley

2. Anesthesia ventilator

Driven Mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled

Technical Specifications:

Ventilation Mode: IPPV; Manual

Display: highly LED digital display

Tidal Volume: 100-1800ml

I:E Ratio: 41, 31, 21, 32, 11, 23, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Frequency: 3-100bpm

Pressure: 0.3-0.5Mpa

Peak Pressure protect: 60cm H2O

Overflow Valve

Power: AC220V±10%50HZ±1 25W

Monitor Parameters: Vt, Ve ­(IPPV mode); Vt, Frequency (Manual mode)

Alarm parameters: Minimum Ve: 0-50L/min; Maximum Ve: 5-99L/min; Minimum Tidal Volume: 50-200L/min; Maximum Tidal Volume: 800-1500L/min

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