Portable Ventilator

AR-100D Portable Medical Ventilator


Used for First-Aid, Ambulance, Emergency situation and patients transport in hospital, this medical ventilator can be used for pediatric and adult patients.


A button operation, it is simple to use with digital control and precise parameters, and contains special self-test function to ensure the patient’s safe.


This medical ventilator consists of ventilators, 2L Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder, Breathe Circuit, Carrying Package, Special Bracket for ambulance and pressure reducing valve for large oxygen cylinder, etc.


1. Specifications of medical ventilator

Kinds of modes: C,  A/C,  SIMV,  SIGH,  CPAP,  PEEP




Tidal Volume

50--2000 ml

Digital Precise Adjustable

Respiratory Rate

1--100 bpm

Digital Precise Adjustable



Digital Precise Adjustable

Trigger Level


Digital Precise Adjustable

Peak Pressure


Digital Precise Adjustable



Digital Precise Adjustable


1--10 times per 100 breath

Digital Precise Adjustable


2. Monitor of medical ventilator



Large LCD Screen Data Display

Tidal Volume, O2%, Sigh, Respiratory Rate, Flow,

Pressure (Synchronized Trigger, Peak Airway, CPAP, PEEP )

Large LCD Screen Curve Display

Airway Pressure Time Waveform Display

Alarm Data Display

High/Low Airway Pressure Alarm, Lack of Gas/Power Alarm,

Parameter Error

Other Display

Lock, Charge Indicator, Inspiratory/Expiratory Situation,

DC/AC Power Supply


3. Self-Test, Alarm and Protection

(1)Special Self-Test:

AR-100D Portable medical ventilator complies with the latest National standards, such as YY0600.3-2007,ISO9001,ISO13485,China FDA, etc

Circuit Connect Prompt

Remind the operator to connect the breath circuit correctly to access the using state;

Sound Alarm Test

Test sound alarm, to guarantee the reliability using

Gas Pressure Test

Test gas pressure, remind operator to ensure the gas pressure supply

Internal Battery Capacity Test

Test the capacity of the internal battery

Circuit Leakage Test

Test Circuit Leakage, to lest circuit drop off or leak and unexpected situation to happen


(2) Alarm of medical ventilator

AR-100D portable medical ventilator contains perfect alarm function and response the machine and patient condition timely and effectively.

High Airway Pressure

Low Airway Pressure

Low Battery Voltage Alarm

Low Gas Pressure

Parameter Error


High Frequency Alarm


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