Quality is the Basis of Values and Dignity!

Since the inception of ARI, product quality has been paramount. In line with ARI's quality policy - "Quality is the basis of values and dignity", we have instituted a comprehensive, standardized, and rigorous quality control system. This system permeates every phase of our operations, from R&D design, procurement quality control, manufacturing to the final product inspection, ensuring the zenith of product quality.

Every finalized product undergoes rigorous burn-in tests, including continuous high-temperature, low-temperature, and humidity assessments for 72 hours in environmental chambers prior to delivery. This ensures reliable system operation, even under severe conditions.

In recognition of our unwavering commitment to quality, ARI has been rewarded with substantial market growth and the enduring trust of our customers.

Acquisition of Quality Certifications:

We have been honoured with quality certifications from notable bodies, including the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), ISO13485:2016, and CE, amongst others.


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